Hacking People While Walking Around in Public

Samvel Gevorgyan
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Pwnie Express released its yearly industry report: Internet of Evil Things, providing insight on products that the IT professionals should be wary of.

According to Pwnie Express research:

Note: this report’s findings were culled from more than 800 IT security professionals and on-the-ground data from Pwnie Express sensors monitoring real life wired, wireless, IoT, and BYOD device data, and expert analysis from the Pwnie Express team of InfoSec professionals.

Protect Yourself from Internet of Evil Things

Turn your WiFi Off

Turn off Wi-Fi devices when you are not using them, especially on the weekends — it saves energy and minimizes your exposure to hackers.

Disable unused features

Once the product is in your office, turn off the functions you aren't using. Enabled functionality usually comes with increased security risks.

Note: Also, make sure you review the products before you bring them into the workplace. If it is already there, do not be shy about calling customer service and walking through the steps required to shut down any unused functions.

Change Your Passwords

It is important never to use the default credentials. Set up strong, secure passwords to secure your devices.

Research Your Purchase

Before you even buy a product, always research what you're buying and make sure you know how to update any software associated with that device.

Note: Look for devices, systems, and services that make it easy to upgrade the device and inform the end user when updates are available.

Trust and Verify Every Device

Be aware of any device from brands known to have more security issues than others. The personalization (vendor, firmware) of corporate hardware, including mobile hotspot vendors, is one of the top threats to network security.



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