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The Employee Password Habits That Could Hurt Enterprises

Samvel Gevorgyan
I cover cybercrime, privacy and security in digital form.

While education and efforts around online credentials are improving, password hygiene still has problems


The Balance

  • 60% of employees do work activities from a personal device
  • 55% of employees do personal activities on work devices

Continuous Mistakes

  • One in three employees access work data from personal devices more than once per day

The Good News

  • 82% of employees report their company has good or excellent password and authorization measures
  • 76% are prompted by IT to change passwords on work accounts every one to three months

Secrets in Family

  • 78% of employees believe it is risky to share passwords with family members
  • 54% of employees share login information with family members so they can access their computers, smartphones and tablets

Password Hygiene

  • Two-Thirds of employees haven't changed their personal passwords within the last month
  • 48% of employees haven't changed their work passwords in the past month

Password Retread

  • Almost half of employees are likely to reuse passwords for work-related accounts
  • Nearly two-thirds are likely to reuse them for personal accounts

Don't Blame Me!

  • Only 10% of employees think they'd be held responsible for a breach due to their own risky behavior
  • 59% of employees think IT should ultimately bear the responsibility for a corporate breach

How Much Is Your Email Password Worth?

  • 14% of employees would trade access to their work email credentials to pay off student loans
  • 13% would give up work email credentials for paid mortgage or rent for a year

How Much Is Smartphone Access Worth?

  • Close to 12% of employees would trade their smartphone passcode in exchange for one year of housing payments
  • 9% would trade smartphone credentials for a luxury vehicle

While the last two statistics can make you lough, as the Head of a company you must protect it from internal (insider) and external threads.

However, I strongly recommend you to follow common-sense guidelines for a good password hygiene.


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